A Heart That Smiles


Jesus came to heal us all and not necessarily in a physical sense.  Ever worry about things and you just don’t know what to do?  This worry can actually make us physically sick, as well as stop us from so many things.  It stops us from experiencing God’s blessings in our lives and from being who He has created us to be.  It stops us from doing His work here and the passion inside of our souls begin to die.  We get stuck in a thought process of self destruction without even realizing it.  Is worrying really such a big deal?  Yes, it is!!  And worry leads to fear which is a thief of our joy and our dreams.  I’ve experienced many opportunities in my life to worry and fear as I’m sure you have as well.  I have worried on many occasions and I know from experience, just how much impact that this has had on my life.  Faith has opened my eyes to so much more.  It also gives me the strength to continue to do what God has placed in my heart while He is working out the details of my life.  I follow His lead and do all that I can and then I leave the rest up to Him.  I’ve learned that when something comes up that I would normally choose to worry about, I take some time and spend with God.  I let it go in prayer, telling Him what is going on in my life.  I know that He knows, but when I take the time to pray and talk to Him, it gives me the opportunity to express my worries, and trust that God will help me through.  I then, listen for His voice.  It doesn’t always come in form of a sound, like a voice.  But sometimes it’s in the words of a post on facebook, or He speaks to me through His word, through music, even as the day goes on, He has spoken to me through words from a stranger.  Has this ever happened to you?  You pray and listen and hear nothing so you go about your day and meet someone, who says exactly what you needed to hear?  It’s not a coincidence, it’s God speaking to you.  He does it in so many ways and a lot of times, we aren’t even aware that it’s Him.  I have also learned that when we lose something or someone in our lives that it’s also important not to forget what we have.  I have allowed the shock of losing something or someone blind me from what God is doing in my life and step off of the path that He has for me.  By taking the time to look around and say thank you, it has given me a clearer vision of what God has done in my life and sometimes I can see what He is currently doing in my life.  When I worry, all kinds of thoughts go through my mind and negative emotions can take over.  But, when I look to God and spend time getting to know Him then it makes it easier to trust Him and to follow His Son.  This used to be such a foreign thought to me.  As an independent woman, it’s still a bit challenging for me to be both responsible and dependent on God.  I was so confused of how that is even possible.  I guess you could say, that my life experiences have taught me a lot, and walking with Jesus has given me life.  He has taught me that along with Faith, I have a purpose here.  He has opened the eyes of my heart to understanding that there are others that are placed across my path each day that also need God’s love and the healing of Jesus.  It’s like sometimes we are so caught up in us that we are blinded from the reality and the bigger picture.  Jesus has lead me to helping others while God is working in my life.  In the end, we are actually helping each other and healing takes place in our hearts.  A world that is filled with worry and fear, can be replaced with a world that is filled with faith and courage. When are hearts are all filled with His love, and we follow His lead and allow the passion in our hearts to become our reality then true healing takes place.  A seed is planted and something beautiful begins to grow.

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