God is Faithful


Being a Christian is quite simple, right?  We love God and we love people and as we walk through life having faith in God to guide us in the way that we should go, then everything will be just great.  It’s that simple, right?  Or is this actually simple at all?  How do we love God?  How do we love people, even the rude, mean people and annoying individuals that we meet or are close to?  How do we have faith in something that we can’t see and someone that we don’t know?  What does it mean to walk in His love?  So many questions fill my mind?  I have always had a mind that wants to learn, interested in the things that surround me.  I get fascinated at how complex the most simple things are.  Things that we hardly take the time to notice or think about.  The life of a leaf, for example.  When you look at it, it’s just a leaf, one leaf.  But the life that took place to produce it was quite the process.  Sometimes we can spend too much time thinking about one thing, this challenge that we are facing and forget all of the good things that God has been doing in our lives and it blinds us from experiencing His blessings in our lives and it robs us from the hopes that good things are going to happen and our futures are bright.  I believe that we love God by trusting Him and that we love people by accepting them, encouraging them, walking beside, lifting up, comforting and experiencing life with them.  This too, is an expression of our love for God.  Walking in His love, we offer grace and mercy when someone hurts us, we forgive, we don’t judge because we begin to understand that only God knows the story of their heart.  Sometimes we love someone by walking away.  Setting healthy boundaries is also an expression of love towards ourselves as well as others.  I believe that while we seek God in our lives and get to know who He is and how amazingly faithful that He is, it’s so easy to fall in love with Him and when we do we begin to see everything and everyone differently.  God really only wants one thing from us, He wants our hearts.  He is faithful and when we surrender and give it all to Him, our hearts begin to dance.

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