Spirit vs Flesh


There is so much on my mind today and so much to do, so how do I even know where to start?  I know that I should start by spending some time with God.  I should always begin my day this way, and usually do, but sometimes I don’t and the day is effected.  Today, I woke up and read in my bible for awhile and spent a little bit of time talking to my daughters and texting friends.  It’s difficult sometimes, just to be still, especially when I know that I have so much to do.  What I have learned, however, is that at times like these it’s so easy to follow my own plan for my day instead of God’s.  I can’t hear Him because of all of the other thoughts in my head and all of the distractions.  Even things that are good things for us to do, may not always be good, if they distract us from putting God first and spending time seeking His voice and time praising Him for who He is.  God has been doing AMAZING things in my life lately, so I don’t wanna lose sight of that, of Him.  God, I pray that you keep me on track and whoever is reading this right now, guide their day, lead them in the way that they should go and let them hear your voice and feel your presence in their lives.  We have two options, each day and in every moment, to follow God’s plan or our own.  God’s plan leads to life and peace and His spirit inside of our hearts guide us in the way that we should go.  Our plan leads to death, it is our own fleshly desires that cause us to do selfish and sinful things that ultimately cause pain to ourselves as well as those around us.  Our plan typically follows after the voice of the enemy, and we don’t even realize it.  He does anything to distract us from God’s plan and to manipulate us into believing His lies as the truth.  It’s a battle, a constant battle, between our flesh and our spirit.  Doing God’s plan is right and good, doing what we want FEELS right and good, but it only leads to death (not physically, but spiritually).  Sometimes we don’t even have a plan because the lies of the enemy are convincing us to give up, to stop trying, to hide out in our rooms by ourselves away from the world and do absolutely nothing.   Our plan is easy to follow, but leads nowhere.  God’s plan is a bit difficult sometimes but is so much more rewarding.  The enemies plan is whatever keeps us from God’s plan.  If you’d like a good read, I would recommend Romans chapter 8, this explains a lot about living either by the spirit of God within you or your own fleshly desires.  If we want to see God answer our prayers, then we have to listen to His instructions to our hearts and follow Him.  He knows what He is doing, even when it may not make sense to us.  He sees the big picture and we must have faith in Him and trust in this truth to truly live and succeed in life.  God has planted a seed in my heart and I trust that from this seed beautiful things will grow.  I understand that at times I will lose things, because it is important for this heart of mine to be pruned from the things in life that take away from what God is doing in my heart. I also understand that this seed must be watered, by keeping my eyes on God and seeking all that He is at all times by meditating on His word and seeking to be transformed more each day.  Sure, sometimes it doesn’t feel good, but in the end it’s always worth it.  The toughest part is to hear Him in the midst of the chaos of life.  Staying in His word and reciting His promises help build an understanding of His greatness and His amazing love for us which makes it easier for us to trust His plan.  Some days we will fail, this doesn’t make us a failure.  I have even began my day with God and moments later one challenge after another after another after another presents itself while the enemy is doing everything in his power to keep me from God’s plan and sometimes he succeeds.  Yesterday, was that day.  I couldn’t even hear God’s voice and my day was so tough and not fun.  Even though, I know Him, sometimes I don’t feel His presence.  I know that He is with me but I fall into the trap of believing the lies of the enemy.  I encourage you to recite God’s promises often, to find a few that are related to some issues that you face and have them on hand to recite when you are struggling in those areas.  The path that God has for you is a narrow one and it’s easy to step off track.  But He is always faithful and will always bring you back.  Keep looking up and keep moving forward taking a few moments as you go to be still and seek His face.

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