Faith That Moves Mountains


As I’ve been facing obstacles and unknowns about my life, lately, these words keep appearing when I pray, when I read my bible, when others encourage me and I’ve decided to ask God why.  I believe that when we hear a message over and over and over again, God is trying to say something.  Looking at this phrase, “Faith That Moves Mountains” and meditating on it, fills my head with so many questions.  First off, How can I have a faith that moves mountains?  What does that even mean?  What is God trying to say to me? How does that apply to my life right now?  So, taking a moment to ask God to give me His wisdom and I am going to share His words here.

I am going to start off asking God what it means to have a faith that moves mountains?
God says to me:  “Think of mountains as the “big things” that you view as the obstacles in life that are the most difficult to overcome.  Having “faith that moves mountains” allows you to focus on the character of God and to realize that His strength is greater than the mountain that you face.”

How do I have this kind of faith?
God says to me:  “The only way to do this is by first getting to know the character of God and having an intimate relationship with Him.  By praying, reading Gods word and speaking it out loud, your faith will grow.  Words give life or death and they matter.  Both the words that you speak, as well as the thoughts that are in your head.  Faith starts by knowing who God is and then to realize that His plans for your life are intended to be a partnership.  You have a part!!”

What else are you wanting me to see?
God says to me: “I love you and even though sometimes you don’t understand my plan, it is good and it is for your best.  I hear your heart whisper in the night even while you sleep and no one is around.  Your words don’t always reflect what your heart whispers because your mind is focused on your obstacles instead of me.  Although I listen to your words as well, I give you the desires of your heart, because I love you so much!!!  When you lose faith and worry instead, you lose sight of who I am and who you are because of me.  You begin to believe the damaging lies that hold you back from all that I have in store for you.  Faith does move these mountains that block your view from seeing the paradise that will result as you partner with me.  This paradise will fill your heart and it will have an impact on the lives of those around you, as well.  This faith that moves mountains, brings Heaven to earth.”

How does this apply to my life right now?
God says to me:  “This will always apply to your life.  Without faith, you are living on your own, by choice.  Without faith, you are choosing a life without me.  Without faith, you are saying your way is better than mine.  Without faith, your life will be filled will chaos.  Without faith, you can’t experience true joy.  By choosing faith, you choose life.”

Wow!  God doesn’t always speak to me so directly, but sometimes, it happens.  I’m so thankful that God is true to His promises and gives wisdom to His children when they ask for it.  These words are deep and they came from God himself.  I’m so happy that He speaks to my heart, the way that He does.  I should listen more often.




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