Our beautiful Journey Begins


Life isn’t always easy and the road may seem rough and long
Even though we may approach a shortcut, we must stay on this road we’re on
It may get steep and difficult to climb, but with each step we get stronger
We can’t wait to get to the top and once we do realize the road is even longer
So we may pick up the pace and go a little faster and then trip and fall
Then take even more time to medicate and bandage our wounds, this didn’t speed things up at all.
We pass others on this race with a quick smile and hello
We don’t have time for conversation, we have somewhere to go
we think, “Keep your eye on the prize, don’t lose focus, just get to the finish line”
“No time for rest, no time for food or a drink, not now, no time”
Even though you’re getting weak, which causes you to trip and fall again
This time you don’t even take time to medicate and bandage, you will, when you get to the end.
Determined to win this race, no matter how tough it may be
You pass by a few more on your journey, pretending you don’t see
Up ahead you see a crystal clear spring and think about stopping for a taste
But then decide to keep moving forward thinking, “Gotta finish this race.”
Growing hungry, and in a fruit tree close in sight
The fruit looks delicious, would give strength, so appealing to the eyes
But you don’t stop, you’re almost there, don’t give up just yet
Happiness will come on that blessed day, “My rewards will be great, I bet.”
“Because no matter what, I kept going, God will be proud of me.”
“This journey is not fun, but it will be worth it, I know it will be.”
Growing tired, hungry, thirsty, your strenth is almost gone.
You fall to your knees and pray to God to just bring you home
This road is too long, you feel like you can’t go on anymore
You lie down where you are and in a dream you hear a knock on the door
When you open the door, Jesus stands asking you to let him in
He says, “There is a better way than this, let me show you, my friend.”
“It is not just a race with a prize waiting once you’ve crossed the finish line.”
“It’s a journey, a beautiful journey, and I will be with you the whole time.”
“I will show you the way and your life will never be the same.”
“Our Father, who is love, will be with us too, all we must do is call His name.”
“When you get hungry, He will proved a feast for you.”
“When you become thirsty, He will provide a cool drink for you too.”
“When you fall, I’m here to heal and restore, I’ll never leave your side.”
“On this journey, learn from me, let me change your mind.”
“It’s important that you understand things the way that I do.”
“It’s important that you understand God’s love for you.”
“You will meet others on this journey, take it together.”
“Help them the way that I’ll help you, we’re in this together.”
“Many may not understand just like you once had it wrong.”
“Still, our Father never left you, He was there all along.”
“Now with this new life, you have access to everything that you need”
“I’ve paid the price for you, all you need to do is believe.”
“Once you’ve taken this first step, your transformation will start.”
“Transforming the way you see things, the way you think, and what’s inside your heart.”
“I’m so excited you’ve accepted this precious gift, please share.”
“So that this chaotic race through life can become a jouous journey to people everywhere.”
“Just remember to take each step forward through love.”
“The love overflowing your heart from our Father up above.”
“Don’t hurry, don’t worry, I’m giving you a perfect peace.”
“So that no matter what struggles you face, you will overcome them with you and ease.”
“Keep you Faith in God, trust Him to get you through.”
“And remember that God always has and always will love you!!”
You wake up from this “dream” no longer hungry, thirsty, or tired
A feeling overshelmes your soul and you look around to admire
All of the beauty you didn’t notice berore, when you longed for this race to end.
Now you have a new life and your beautiful journey begins.

One Step at a Time


I wanna give all of myself to you
I wanna let go, I really do
I have faith, but I also fear
You feel so far away, but you’re near
I pray and I believe
But find it a bit difficult to see
Myself the way that you do
And to understand a love so true
Thank you for taking care of my heart
With you, each moment is a fresh start
When I trust you as I run this race
You wrap me in your mercy and grace
You whisper sweet words that touch my soul
Wherever you are, I wanna go
It may not be easy, and that OK
It may get rough, along the way
But your love is my fuel to stand tall
To get up, every time that I fall
Thank you for your perfect peace
That calms the storm inside of me
Transform me to be more like You
The things I say and the things I do
May they help others find hope in faith
To trust you more and not be afraid
I’ve experienced what it’s like to truly live
To receive your love and learn to forgive
Let go, look up, pray, smile, cry a little too
And take one step at a time with you ūüôā

Women of Grace


God has done amazing things for my heart as I’ve experienced some of life’s most painful moments. ¬†My story doesn’t argue religion. ¬†What I have is deeper than that. ¬†Religion, to me, set’s up a false expectation that the “right thing” is a list of rules, which sets us up for failure, as we judge each other and even ourselves for never being “good enough” yet “better” than those who don’t believe the way that we do. ¬†Does that even make sense? ¬†Does it make sense to dress up and smile, pretending that your life at home and work is “normal” when in reality you feel like you are dead inside, but can’t possibly let anyone around you know the truth? ¬†Not that I don’t believe that it’s important to go to church. ¬†I also feel that it’s important to be real. ¬†I’ve learned that by opening my heart to God, he has asked me to share things about my story that I’d rather not. ¬†In the past I would worry what others may think. ¬†I almost stopped going to church because I didn’t feel like a “church person” yet my heart ached for this love that I started to experience as I joined others in my faith to be the body of Christ. ¬†It’s so awesome to be part of a family, walking through life together, encouraging each other, lifting one another up, praying together, going to have a drink or two together, go out and serve in our community, in our world, allowing God to use us, to transform us, to open our eyes to what we have been missing. ¬†God cares about what is inside of our hearts. ¬†If you have this mindset as you read His word, then you will begin to experience the beauty of His grace. ¬†As I begin to co lead a womens group at my church God spoke to me. ¬†I kept thinking that once I got my life together, then I would be in a place so that God could use me. ¬†What I didn’t understand was that He had a different plan. ¬†He shined His light in some of my darkest moments and the beauty that emerged changed my life and His light can change yours to. ¬†This poem was written for some beautiful women that I was blessed to get to know, women who have stories that many would never imagine, just by looking at them. ¬†These women were once so broken, hope was almost an illusion, but I saw God’s light shine in their lives and watched them transform into beautiful women of grace. ¬†It was healing, so healing for my soul. ¬†He is our strength, the source of our love, and the one who knows all. ¬†We don’t have to have our lives “together” before He can use us. ¬†He’s God and He loves us so much!! ¬†By surrendering to Him, our lives really begin to have meaning.

God has chosen to use broken, weak, sinful people to serve Him and fulfill His plan
When we open our minds to His truth and faithfully place our heart in His
He removes the lies that are buried, he pulls them out by the root
They are gone, yet not forgotten.  They left a set of wounds.
God provides both peace and comfort, as the wounds begin to heal
He plants a seed of life, a seed of love that is so real.
As this love begins to grow, our transformation begins
What used to be a losing battle, we view as one we may win
The awakening is reviving to the dark and painful heart
Even though the pruning hurts, it has an important part
Once all of the bad is removed, the lies that fill the heart and mind
The love  can be absorbed, and what a treasure we will find.
No longer living by a heart that is rooted in shame
We finally have true life, we’ve been given a new name
We are faithful, lovable, beautiful, radiant, we are
and it is by the grace of God that we have come this far
Once buried in the lies, that now truth takes it’s place
Once we lived in shame, now we are women of grace.



My sister and I live states apart from each other yet we are connected by prayer and in Spirit. ¬†She is a beautiful single mother of 5 and has suffered a lot of health challenges including open heart surgery, seizures, and strokes. ¬†She has kept her eyes on God and trusting His guidance, every step along the way. ¬†It’s trully an inspiring thing to see. ¬†I wrote this poem for my sister, Stephanie, around January of this year when Stephanie begin her toughest challenges after losing the use of the left side of her body due to strokes. ¬†I was trying so hard to figure out a way to go see my family and as always, God made it happen and hasn’t healed Stephanie physically yet, however her faith is growing every day:

As I sit here thining about you, wishing there was something I could do
I pray and ask others to pray too, worry and frustrations clouding my view
I love you dearly, more than you know, you may feel alone, but that isn’t so
I close my eyes and hear Him tell me to let go, and not to worry about this today or tomorrow
He told me to look up the meaning of your name and I would see
I thought, “OK???” but when I did, it helped me believe
Stephanie means “crowned in victory” you will make it through this, this is what God showed me
We have to trust Him, He will be our everything!
We are His princesses, His children, He is the king of kings!
We both know the joy that His love brings, especially when we don’t understand what’s happening
I may not be physically beside you now, but you are in my heart and I will get there someway, some how
I’m persistent, like you, won’t be stopped, just slowed down
Can’t wait to see you! ¬†Love you sweet lady, put on your crown!!

Stephanie, you are so amazingly strong!!  You are a true representation of what prayer can do and your story touches so many hearts.  I ask anyone reading this blog to pray for my sister Stephanie and her children, that God will continue to work in their lives.