Conversations With God


Have you ever wanted to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with God?  I know that I have and wondered what would He say?  I mean, really sit down and have a conversation, asking Him the questions that flood my mind, rather than complaining to others or seeking advice from someone else.  I know that His word has many answers, and I have prayed too, but often never heard His voice, I just spoke my concerns.  Then one day, I began to write and this is where I heard from Him first.  Now, I can hear Him better and more often than ever before.  He speaks to us all in different ways, and today I really need to hear His voice.  I feel the Holy Spirit inside of me telling me that it’s time to write and then to listen.  I want to share with you, this conversation with God.  He may not speak to you in the same way, but He does speak to us all in some way.  My prayer is that through this conversation, He speaks to you about questions that are in your heart.  Here are some of my concerns today:

“Why cant life be more of a “vacation” with fun and sun and ac too? 🙂 what’s the deal with so much “responsibility” and bills and work and time away from those that we love? Why are there soooo many struggles and challenges and hate and violence? We watch the news to be informed while it’s corrupting our minds and creating bitterness in our hearts. We go to work, a lot of us to jobs that we hate, just to survive. While others of us try and try to find a job. We either have time to do things or money and no time. I guess sitting at home without functioning ac is getting to me a bit and putting in full time work to find a job is getting frustrating. The bills don’t stop coming in though and life doesn’t wait. It just keeps going. I’m glad that you have answers, God, and can guide me through this stuff because sometimes I just feel stuck. Just saying.”

Now I’m listening and waiting for His Spirit to speak to mine.  Come Holy Spirit and give me clarity and wisdom.

God says:  “I know that you have many questions that are weighing on you, concerns that are stirring inside of your heart and frustrations with your current circumstances as well as the struggles that those close to you and around you are facing.  Thank you for coming to me.  I know what is on your heart and in your mind and I also know what lies ahead.  You know that I love you and that I care about these things that concern you.  You also know that when you focus on the circumstances, they seem so big, yet when you focus on the cross and what’s been done to give you “life” your circumstances seem much smaller.  Sometimes circumstances don’t seem “fair” yet I’m always with you and will provide all that you need.  Have I failed you yet?  At times life seems out of balance and a bit overwhelming and at times like these I can help you make sense of what’s most important and let go of the rest.  Follow where I lead you and you will get to where you are going.  It may be tough at times, but in those tough times you can experience my love for you, even more.  You will be showered with blessings, they start inside of your heart.  Experiencing my peace when the world around you seems so chaotic will give you strength that is unexplainable.  It’s ok to feel hurt by what is going on in the world because many have turned away from me.  But there is something that can be done and it starts with you.  Even in small ways, as you share my love with others, hearts will change.  If these things didn’t concern you, then you wouldn’t do anything, but because they do and you’ve come to me, I’m leading you to make a difference.  No difference is too small.  Each heart that you touch and open to receiving my love can have an eternal effect on another.  Your concerns and frustrations develop a passion inside of your heart.  I have gifted you in a particular way and as you use these gifts to serve others, you will grow and know me better.  I know that sometimes you feel like giving up and turning away from me too, but you know that I am the way to true life.  Your joy is found in me.  Answers to your questions, I have them all.  Ask me anything?  I will help you find your way and I will equip you for the journey.  I am preparing the way for you now.  Do not be afraid of what you see around you and what you can not see.  You will have many reasons, very soon, to thank me for.  Put on your armor, my sweet princess,  and take a stand against the enemy that wants to steal your joy and blind you from seeing my plan.  I will be with you and together we will not only get through, but you will experience life in new ways.  Something is coming and it is good!!!”

I am usually at a loss for words after I hear the voice of God speak to my Spirit in ways like this.  I go back and read His words over and over and over again.  And then later, as I do what He says, I experience answers to my prayers.  It’s a beautiful thing!


John 15:10 – Living Words


I’m sitting on my patio as the cool morning breeze dances across the sky.  Isn’t it neat how one word can make our minds think differently?  How many of us focused on the word “dance” in the last sentence and what kind of thought did this put in our minds?  Can we visualize the breeze dancing through the sky, through the trees, dodging the leaves?  The breeze blows, the breeze dances, it’s doing the same thing yet it sounds so different.  We have put labels on words, however when we open our minds to understanding that the meaning can possibly be so much more than we first see, perceptions change.

The Bible is called the “living word” but why is this?  So many people argue over the meaning of this book, and it can be found in so many translations which can alter the meaning quite a bit.  So, how do we go about reading it and understanding it?  They are just a bunch of words in a book, that people wrote years and years ago, aren’t they?  What I have found is that these words give life to my heart and provide an understanding to life, about God, about others, about ourselves, about any circumstance that we could imagine and then some.  All of the answers to life’s questions are found in this book.  Today we are going to focus on one verse, found in John 15:10 NIV –

“If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in His love.”

Opening prayer:

“Good morning Father,

Open the eyes of our hearts today, to see the meaning that you have in these words for us.  Lead me as I meditate on your word and share with others what you share with me.  I ask that your word penetrate our minds and saturate our hearts preparing us to receive all that you have planned for our lives.  May your words transform us into the ones that you created us to be.  We were made in your image yet this world has covered up our true identities.  Help us find ourselves, by finding you.  In Jesus’ sweet name I pray.


How do we remain in the love of Jesus? First, we must know the love of Jesus. The word “love” is used so much in our world, yet it has lost it’s true meaning. The love of Jesus, is something that we don’t see as much as we could see. It’s here, but it’s like a buried treasure, just waiting to be found. It’s everywhere. We walk around with blindfolds covering the eyes of our hearts and that’s why we don’t see it. It’s more than a feeling, yet we feel it. It gives life to our souls while killing the humanness that sometimes hold us back from seeing, from experiencing this perfect love. We search for it, out there, when all along it’s inside of us. We even turn to religion and try to be a better person and earn our way to Heaven, when we can’t, really. We can try to love others, when inside we kind of judge them anyway, what is this doing to our hearts? How do we keep His command to love? Truly? I ask God to show me the answers to these questions because they are questions that I’ve asked over and over again? I’m learning, kind of. But there’s still so much to unpack here. Again, it’s one verse, one command to remain in His love and He even tells us how, by keeping His commands and He has even done the same, kept His father’s commands and remained in His love. So, why is it so confusing and so difficult? Am I the only one that feels this way? He tells me that what our minds are filled with directs the course of our hearts and what we focus on helps us see. When we search for His love like the buried treasure that it is, once it’s found a relationship begins. As we walk with Him, He begins to romance our hearts. When life gets tough, He holds our hand and walks with us. When life is great, He’s there too to celebrate the joy that we have found. When tears fall, He comforts us and wraps His strong, gentle arms around our entire being and a peace floods our souls. He is our strength, our friend, our Savior, and the one who fills our hearts with EVERYTHING good! When we receive all of this, then we are truly remaining in His love and we can’t help but keep His commands because it becomes our hearts desire. We change from the inside out, not the other way around. So when we live in His love we can begin to view life through His eyes and it becomes a BEAUTIFUL view.


1 Peter 5:8 – Be Alert but Not Afraid


This was my verse for yesterday, and even though I haven’t made time to do this every day, I’m still going to complete 21 days in the word, and blogging on each days verse even if it’s not for the day that I should have.  Why am I saying this?  Because I feel like it matters.  I have been getting so distracted by things beyond my control and they have brought me to a place of total confusion and frustration.  Is that a coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Here’s why:

1 Peter 5:8 NIV “Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”

If I’m sharing what God is saying to me, to us, then the enemy wants to stop that.  If one person here’s the truth and no longer dwells on the lies of the enemy but learns about life giving salvation, then it begins to change the course of our world because it begins to change the course of our hearts and the thoughts that we allow to take up space in our minds.  It is a big deal, what we think about!  It is a big deal, what we mediate on regularly!  It really matters!  The things that we allow to occupy space in our minds plant a seed in our hearts.  Those seeds grow and impact our lives, as well as the lives of those close to us and those placed along our path each day.  So, it makes sense that this is the area in which this devil works the most.  In our minds.  The enemy does everything that he can to bring ruin to your holiness.  He doesn’t really care about your happiness.  In fact, he will whisper tempting lies that promise happiness.  We have all fallen for it.  I believe.  But temporary happiness can sometimes lead to future pain and even deep wounds.  He knows what he’s doing.  However, Jesus came to give us life by bringing joy and peace to our hearts as we are growing closer to our Holy God and following His plan for our lives.  He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, but Stay Alert!  When Jesus comes into the story, everything changes.  EVERYTHING CHANGES!  We all begin to live, hearts are healed, hope is found, comfort and strength and peace flood our souls, and Heaven comes to earth.  Could this happen?  Yes, and one day it will.

Until then the enemy is guarding the Jesus inside of our hearts from coming out, the same way that the enemy guarded the tomb of Jesus after he died.  It didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now.

Put on your armor of God and fight the good fight

Ephesians 6:10-18

Matthew 15:24 – Without Him, we are Lost

lostsheepMatthew 15:24: “He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

I read this verse and I stopped and asked God, “what exactly do you want me to see in this verse?  How is this important to my life right now?”  This is how I always like to study God’s word.  It’s much better than a self-help book, it’s a God help book.  I’ve found answers to so many of my questions in this book, when I read it with God.  It can be a bit confusing if I don’t include Him in the story.  Since, ultimately, He is the one who wrote it.  So I sit alone with this verse for a few moments, waiting for God so speak to my heart.  It takes a few minutes sometimes, due to the mass of thoughts that are still running through my mind, all of the things that I need to do, the things that I didn’t finish, the text after text that keep coming through my phone for various reasons, with all of the thoughts and distractions, I hear his voice how?  Good grief.  I’m kind of glad that I’m writing this because it helps me understand so much.  I’m lost.  “Jesus save me.  If you came for the lost sheep of Israel, then here I am.  I am yours, yet have lost my way, in a sense.  I’m still following you, however I keep stepping off track a bit.  This path you’re on is so narrow.”  That’s no joke.   This Christian lifestyle is nothing that I had imagined it to be.  At one time I thought that once I became a christian that my life would all of a sudden be filled with happiness and my troubles wouldn’t affect me anymore.  If I had problems I would pray and He would answer my prayers, because that is what His  “word” says.  Right?  NOT AT ALL!  My problems did not disappear, in fact, there seems to be a lot more of them now.  When I pray, He answers, but not at all like I would imagine that He would.  How silly I was for thinking that when I pray for patience that He would just give me patience.  But no, He gives me opportunities to exercise patience, many opportunities.  🙂 Should I be afraid to pray? HA, at one time, I kind of was.  Because the way that God was answering my prayers was tough for me and it was a lot of work on my part.  I would think, “Doesn’t He realize how tired I am and that I would just like the patience to deal with the lovely people and circumstances that I should be thanking Him for placing into my life?” Now looking back, I laugh.  Wow, is our God patient and me, not so much.  He is still giving me opportunities to exercise my patience.  Sometimes, I feel like I do ok and sometimes I don’t.  Without Him, I’m lost.  I need His guidance in my life every day, in each moment.  Don’t we all?  We are his sheep and when we get lost, he is here to lead us.

Romans 8:18 – Live, Learn, Grow


“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”  Romans 8:18 NIV

Have you ever noticed that when we go through something in our lives that doesn’t “feel” good that we often ask for prayer and pray ourselves that this circumstance be taken away from us?  Maybe this trial isn’t a dart from the enemy, maybe it’s a lesson from God, and a blessing in disguise?  It could be an answer to our prayers and now we are trying to pray away the answer?  🙂  I can already see how important God’s word is in our lives, how well it all links together, when we focus on Him and meditate on the word and allow Him to work it into our lives.  On Day 1 we learned from Jeremiah 29:11 that God has great plans for our prosperous future, filled with hope.  On Day 2 we learned from Psalms 37:4 to delight in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our hearts.  We also learned that we can delight in the Lord when life is anything but delightful, by focusing on who God is and delighting in that.  I feel myself getting stronger and wiser already, how about you? 😉  Now, let me ask you a question, are you going through something right now, that you would love to disappear from your life, so that you could just be happy?  Do you ever think, “If this one thing would change, my life would be better?”  I know I’ve thought this, from time to time.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the storms of life and forget that maybe that storm was created by our perfect God to calm something inside of us.  Once we’ve excepted Christ into our hearts, God begins to mold us, more like His Son, and where else would He start, but our hearts.  These trials of life open our minds to a deeper perspective and give us a wisdom beyond what can be found in books.  We learn, by walking hand in hand with Christ through these trials of life, trusting God to walk us through the storm and thanking him along the way.  Sometimes it may feel odd, thanking God for something that doesn’t feel good to us and that our human nature would just love to disappear.  So let’s just remember, that God is doing something in us and the end result will show His amazing glory and it will be revealed through this story.

Closing prayer:

Good morning Father,

Thank you so much for what you are opening my eyes to see.  Thank you for what you are doing for my heart.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel good, but I know that you have a prosperous future planned for me and I take delight in all that you are.  Nothing that I face is worth comparing to what you are doing inside of me.  You are my strength, my song, my hope, my future, and the love of my life.  I’m on a journey, a beautiful journey, and with Jesus holding my hand and you filling my heart, and this sweet Holy Spirit guiding my thoughts with your word I’m traveling down a path that leads to you.  A path that is narrow.  I’m praying that you help me stay on this narrow path.  Help me see things the way that you do.  Give me your heart.  I love you and thank you for loving me so much!

me 🙂

Psalms 37:4 – Know God Know Joy, No God No Joy


Psalms 37:4- “take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

I’d love to say that my daughter and I woke up and read this verse together and listened to worship music and shared the desires of our hearts and got ready to start the day with a smile.  But that didn’t exactly happen.  I am already frustrated and almost didn’t write on here and honestly not sure why I am.  I am going to carry my index card with this verse around with me today and I am going to look for God throughout my day.  I know that the enemy wants to stop anything good that God has planned for my life and man, he keeps trying.  My hearts desire is that it at least stops hurting quite as much.  The enemy has had a field day with my heart and my mind lately.  So how do I delight in the Lord at times like right now?  I’ll start by reviewing Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  So, this current situation is not my final destination.  I have a lot going on right now that I don’t know what to do about.  I’ve done all that I know to do and a few circumstances in my life have used my heart for a punching bag.  Once I can delight in the Lord, I’m sure that my heart will start to heal again.  How many times can a heart break?  How many times do you think Jesus’ heart broke?  We can still delight in the Lord because of who he is, understand that we don’t understand everything.  When we open our hearts to him and delight in all that He is, He plants a seed in our hearts.  As this seed grows, of course it must me watered (by reading God’s word) and fertilizer is used (the crap we call trials of life) from this beautiful life grows.  The desires of our hearts also change.  When we delight in the Lord, the desires of our heart reflect so much more.  They are not as selfish, but selfless, because we realize more about what life is really all about.

Closing prayer:

Good morning Father,

Please help me see you in the moments that my heart is heavy and hurting.  Help me remember your promise to give me hope and a prosperous future.  Thank you for loving me in such an incredible way.  As I sit here, praying, I can almost feel you wrap your “arms” around me and comfort me.  I pray that even when I feel like giving up, and putting your word down, and just trying to survive on my own, that you give me strength to keep going, with a smile on my face and a joy in my heart that no one and nothing can take from me.  Wipe away the tears, and take my hand.  Walk with me through today.  Through my story, if one person can find you, then it changes the meaning of it all.  I pray that anyone who reads this knows you and seeks to know you more.  I already feel my heart getting lighter.  Thank you!  Father, forgive me for my selfishness sometimes, for repeating out loud the lies of the enemy, mostly regarding who I am.  I’m yours!!  You created me in your image.  I’m not perfect, because I do stray from who you created me to be.  But you are perfect and want what’s best for me.  Thank you for helping me see.  I love you so much!

your daughter,

me 🙂

Dear Child… Trust me… Love, God

believeDear child,

Slow down, everything is going to be ok.  Enjoy your life!!!  I love you!  Do what you can do and I’ll take care of the rest.  Focus on your blessings, I already know what you need.  Your problems are in my hands, let go of them.  When you feel alone, come to me.  People will disappoint you, love them anyway.  I will never disappoint you!  Let me have control of your life, just let go and let me take care of you.  Let me love you, the way that only I can love you.  Let the seasons play their part, enjoying each moment.  They all serve a purpose.  You don’t need to figure everything out, stop trying, you are just going to frustrate yourself because you’ll never understand it all.  I have your best interest in mind and I have a plan for you.  I know where your heart is and I’m proud of you, my child.  Keep seeking me!  Believe in my promises and let your light shine!  Don’t cover it with the darkness of this world!  My spirit lives in you, you have NOTHING to fear and EVERYTHING to gain.  I love you and my love NEVER fails!


your Heavenly Father