Good Morning Prayer


Good morning Father,

Thank you for another day to walk with you, to hear your voice
Clear my thoughts now, so that I can hear you
You know my heart, help me make the right choice
in each moment, with each word, and each action too
Give me the patience to wait joyfully for your plan
and to always live by what I know rather than how I feel
The closer that I get to you, the more I realize I don’t understand
yet I continue to grow, to see, and to heal
Emotions are strong, but they have no real power over me
You are my strength, my peace, my joy, my song
Help me have courage to let go when i need to and just be
reminiscing of where we’ve been,  I’ve never been alone
From the very day that I gave you my heart,
I begin to truly live and yet, I also begin to die
An awakening begin to happen from the very start
As this relationship began to form between you and I
My plan was predictable, and comfortable and nice
I thought that once I gave my life to you it would just get better
I didn’t have a clue how much I would have to sacrifice
I had no idea of the storms that I would have to weather
Now although I don’t quite know what you have in store for me
I’ve learned to trust in your unfailing love and grace
Please forgive me for not always being able to see
The flesh is weak, you are strong and right now I seek your face
I want to know you, in this season, and every other season too
experiencing your love, as your wisdom guides my way
What is it that you would like for me to see and to do?
I will follow you,  Just lead the way


I love you!
Me 🙂

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