Shalom or Chaos


Would you rather have a life filled with Shalom, a perfect peace or one filled with Chaos?  This sounds like a simple question right, well, here’s another.  Would you rather have a life filled with eternal joy, or a temporary happiness?  Asked in this way, it’s quite an easy question to answer as well, how about this one?  Based upon what you know about God, would His plan be better or your plan?  All of these are such easy questions to answer, so how come it’s so difficult to live this way?  Maybe it’s because society has painted quite a picture of what “peace” should be and how important it is to live a “happy” life!  There are so many “self help” books motivating us to be “all that we can be” so that we can be “successful” in the world and have the things that we “want” in life.  But it’s all twisted!  The meaning to our lives is much deeper than we are seeing with our natural eyes.  If we live by the worldly vision of peace, we get along with those around us and go along with the flow, which is good.  But what if God’s plan requires us to step out in faith and face our fears, in the middle of some of our toughest moments?  This doesn’t sound like it would feel “peaceful” huh?  But, have you ever stepped out in faith, like this, and experienced a peace that you can’t explain while doing what you know God wants you to do, even though it’s not easy, and it doesn’t feel good at the time?  This “perfect peace” isn’t JUST a feeling, but actually, more of an assurance.  In fact, Shalom is more about faith that peace will come, as we follow Him.  It’s a trust thing!  And trust is the key to receiving Shalom in our lives and wisdom just makes it a bit easier.  When we understand that temporary happiness is nothing compared to the eternal joy that our loving Father offers than our lives change and the choices that we make, do as well.  When we understand that His plan is perfect and it’s for our best, than it is a bit easier to make it through those tough times.  As we spend time with our loving Father, by reading His word, and praying, getting to know who He is, than it’s much easier to walk through life with Him.  Maybe we don’t understand His plan, and maybe sometimes it is VERY tough to follow, maybe it doesn’t always “feel” good in the moment, but His promises are true and His love is unfailing and when we hold onto this, keep our head up and follow His plan, not only will we reach our destination, but we will grow along the way.  By facing our fears, overcoming challenges, experiencing His strength in our weakness, perfect peace, true joy, while walking in His love.  This is how we become successful!  It’s when our lives reflect a life of sacrifice, giving up our plans to follow His.  The more we give away, the more successful we become.  He blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.  He has called us to live a life of obedience so that others will see Him work through our life circumstances while molding our hearts into receiving all that He has in store for us.  Not only is His plan for our protection but it’s exactly what our hearts need.  One day we may look back and thank God for loving us so much that instead of giving us everything that we want exactly when we want it that He gives us what we need and so much more, when He says it’s time.  Thank you, sweet Father, for loving us so much!  May we all trust in you and choose a life of Shalom and end the chaos that we have created by turning away from you.

Faith That Moves Mountains


As I’ve been facing obstacles and unknowns about my life, lately, these words keep appearing when I pray, when I read my bible, when others encourage me and I’ve decided to ask God why.  I believe that when we hear a message over and over and over again, God is trying to say something.  Looking at this phrase, “Faith That Moves Mountains” and meditating on it, fills my head with so many questions.  First off, How can I have a faith that moves mountains?  What does that even mean?  What is God trying to say to me? How does that apply to my life right now?  So, taking a moment to ask God to give me His wisdom and I am going to share His words here.

I am going to start off asking God what it means to have a faith that moves mountains?
God says to me:  “Think of mountains as the “big things” that you view as the obstacles in life that are the most difficult to overcome.  Having “faith that moves mountains” allows you to focus on the character of God and to realize that His strength is greater than the mountain that you face.”

How do I have this kind of faith?
God says to me:  “The only way to do this is by first getting to know the character of God and having an intimate relationship with Him.  By praying, reading Gods word and speaking it out loud, your faith will grow.  Words give life or death and they matter.  Both the words that you speak, as well as the thoughts that are in your head.  Faith starts by knowing who God is and then to realize that His plans for your life are intended to be a partnership.  You have a part!!”

What else are you wanting me to see?
God says to me: “I love you and even though sometimes you don’t understand my plan, it is good and it is for your best.  I hear your heart whisper in the night even while you sleep and no one is around.  Your words don’t always reflect what your heart whispers because your mind is focused on your obstacles instead of me.  Although I listen to your words as well, I give you the desires of your heart, because I love you so much!!!  When you lose faith and worry instead, you lose sight of who I am and who you are because of me.  You begin to believe the damaging lies that hold you back from all that I have in store for you.  Faith does move these mountains that block your view from seeing the paradise that will result as you partner with me.  This paradise will fill your heart and it will have an impact on the lives of those around you, as well.  This faith that moves mountains, brings Heaven to earth.”

How does this apply to my life right now?
God says to me:  “This will always apply to your life.  Without faith, you are living on your own, by choice.  Without faith, you are choosing a life without me.  Without faith, you are saying your way is better than mine.  Without faith, your life will be filled will chaos.  Without faith, you can’t experience true joy.  By choosing faith, you choose life.”

Wow!  God doesn’t always speak to me so directly, but sometimes, it happens.  I’m so thankful that God is true to His promises and gives wisdom to His children when they ask for it.  These words are deep and they came from God himself.  I’m so happy that He speaks to my heart, the way that He does.  I should listen more often.




Good Morning Prayer


Good morning Father,

Thank you for another day to walk with you, to hear your voice
Clear my thoughts now, so that I can hear you
You know my heart, help me make the right choice
in each moment, with each word, and each action too
Give me the patience to wait joyfully for your plan
and to always live by what I know rather than how I feel
The closer that I get to you, the more I realize I don’t understand
yet I continue to grow, to see, and to heal
Emotions are strong, but they have no real power over me
You are my strength, my peace, my joy, my song
Help me have courage to let go when i need to and just be
reminiscing of where we’ve been,  I’ve never been alone
From the very day that I gave you my heart,
I begin to truly live and yet, I also begin to die
An awakening begin to happen from the very start
As this relationship began to form between you and I
My plan was predictable, and comfortable and nice
I thought that once I gave my life to you it would just get better
I didn’t have a clue how much I would have to sacrifice
I had no idea of the storms that I would have to weather
Now although I don’t quite know what you have in store for me
I’ve learned to trust in your unfailing love and grace
Please forgive me for not always being able to see
The flesh is weak, you are strong and right now I seek your face
I want to know you, in this season, and every other season too
experiencing your love, as your wisdom guides my way
What is it that you would like for me to see and to do?
I will follow you,  Just lead the way


I love you!
Me 🙂

My Christmas Story of 2015


It seems that every year around Christmas time something pretty big happens in my life to challenge me in my faith.  I have it all figured out and then something happens to change all of that.  That happened again this year.  At the beginning of December, I lost my job.  The reason behind it, from what I was told, was a stupid one.  At least I think so, and so does most others that know.  But anyway, one day I’m an assistant general manager of a hotel and the next day without a job.  As a single mom and Christmas coming and finances already challenging, this was a shock and changed all of the plans that I had made.  The very day that I lost my job, my daughter and I had planned to decorate for Christmas.  I wasn’t in the “Christmas spirit” too much, and the thought of it just made me wanna cry. But she decorated anyway with her boyfriend while I was thinking of how this ruined my plans.  I had plans to volunteer time and  to help a lot more this year.  I felt that I was finally, kind of in a place to do that more.  Yet, after hearing the news that changed everything I was sitting on my patio in shock, helpless, no energy, drained, confused and scared.  “What am I going to do?” was the thought that kept screaming at me.  Sure, I had been reading my bible almost every day and I pray and I was praying in that moment.  I know God’s promises to take care of me.  I’ve experienced His faithfulness time and time again.  So, why was I so scared?  Because, I like to have a plan and I like for things to go smoothly so that I can complete what I feel like I need to.  Or let’s be honest, so that I can complete all that I want to.  I’m not exactly sure why everything happens the way that it does, but God’s plan is perfect.  So much more happened after I lost my job.  I prayed and I updated my resume, started applying for jobs, going to interviews, even trying a few that were commission only, that didn’t work out.  I put forth so much effort, and kept praying for God to open the right door and close the wrong ones.  Well, I guess I just kept going to the wrong door, in fact, I’m still searching.  God promised to provide for me as long as I listened to Him and did what He asked me to.  I did that to the best of my ability, with a bit of complaining at times, but in prayer to see God in it all.  Looking back over the month of December I grew closer to the heart of God.  I learned what it was like to trust Him, to hear Him, to feel His presence with me each step of the way.  And I also know what it feels like to have an enemy right behind me, throwing things at me, in front of me, screaming all of these horrible lies to distract me from hearing God’s sweet, gentle voice.  The enemy, as I learned, is no match for me.  Jesus has my heart and He has given everything that I need to defeat the enemies in my life.  Some days were very emotional, scary and quite challenging, but God always found a way to make my heart smile.  I was surrounded by my loving church family, my family, and friends, old co-workers too,  who stepped in and helped in many tangible ways, but even did this in a way that touched my heart so deeply.  God knows exactly what my heart desires and I’ve learned that as long as I keep Him first, I can see through the eyes of my heart and experience all that is surrounding me.  This blog could be a novel if I wrote, in detail, all of the sweet, sweet things that were done for me during my Christmas month, in fact, that is what I intended for this blog to be.  However, as my heart began to tell the story, it took a different route.  God’s blessings always exceed any that I could dream up and I am a huge dreamer and have a huge imagination.   Just to give you a small glimpse, I was given money, bills were paid for us, a ham was delivered to my door along with flowers, a small Christmas tree was given with ornaments of gift certificates, and so many prayers and encouraging phone calls, texts, and emails were sent.  Every time I turned around I was blessed!!  I also had both of my daughters home for Christmas, which was the best gift of all and what I had been praying for.  God answers all of my prayers and He has a plan for me.  I still don’t know exactly where I am going and I know that I have to do my part, but I trust in Him to lead me and I know that it may get tough, but will be worth every moment.  Christmas this year was a lesson about life.  Jesus was born so that we could truly see through a different set of eyes.  I’ve learned that in order to experience true life, that I must be willing to sacrifice my plan and follow Him, and then we take the journey together.


Did You Remember Me? Will you?


Looking back over another year, what thoughts are you meditating on in your mind?
Take a moment to stop and look where you are before you press rewind.
You can choose to look at many things that happened throughout your year
Those times when you lived by faith and hope and the times when you lived by fear.
You can count your blessings and move forward knowing that more is to come
Or you can focus on the things that you don’t understand yet, and say that life’s not fun
There is a chose in each day, and in every moment, on what you really see.
When you reflected on 2015, did you remember me?
Did you remember that time that you had a rough patch that you didn’t think that you’d get through?
You prayed, and it might have taken longer than you hoped, but I walked through it with you.
Did you remember the time you took a step, hoping for success and failed, at least in your eyes, that’s what you saw?
The truth is that it wasn’t really failure, just a new step, a new beginning, that’s what happens when you get up after you fall.
Did you remember that time when you felt all alone, even though that you were surrounded by people that care?
And wonder, “How is that even possible?”  The answer is that, for a few moments you took your eyes off of me and became unaware.
Did you remember the times that we spent together and you begin to realize that I am so much more than religion demands?
Yet soon after, you worried again about the things that you can’t “do” (control) and the things that you don’t understand.
This is the time to think about where you’ve been and where you are going, not physically but the journey of your heart.
Did you remember me, throughout your year?  Will you think of me, as you think about new beginnings and a fresh start?
You know that I want what’s best for you and you are getting closer to me, you have been for awhile.
My question is “Will you remember me throughout your year, let me lead your life, fill your soul with joy and make you heart smile?”