Did You Remember Me? Will you?


Looking back over another year, what thoughts are you meditating on in your mind?
Take a moment to stop and look where you are before you press rewind.
You can choose to look at many things that happened throughout your year
Those times when you lived by faith and hope and the times when you lived by fear.
You can count your blessings and move forward knowing that more is to come
Or you can focus on the things that you don’t understand yet, and say that life’s not fun
There is a chose in each day, and in every moment, on what you really see.
When you reflected on 2015, did you remember me?
Did you remember that time that you had a rough patch that you didn’t think that you’d get through?
You prayed, and it might have taken longer than you hoped, but I walked through it with you.
Did you remember the time you took a step, hoping for success and failed, at least in your eyes, that’s what you saw?
The truth is that it wasn’t really failure, just a new step, a new beginning, that’s what happens when you get up after you fall.
Did you remember that time when you felt all alone, even though that you were surrounded by people that care?
And wonder, “How is that even possible?”  The answer is that, for a few moments you took your eyes off of me and became unaware.
Did you remember the times that we spent together and you begin to realize that I am so much more than religion demands?
Yet soon after, you worried again about the things that you can’t “do” (control) and the things that you don’t understand.
This is the time to think about where you’ve been and where you are going, not physically but the journey of your heart.
Did you remember me, throughout your year?  Will you think of me, as you think about new beginnings and a fresh start?
You know that I want what’s best for you and you are getting closer to me, you have been for awhile.
My question is “Will you remember me throughout your year, let me lead your life, fill your soul with joy and make you heart smile?”

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